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​PTYH’s Physical Education Program includes a wide variety of sports introduction, student created games, challenges, obstacles, and team building exercises. Students learn the value of good sportsmanship, positive attitudes, and gain an appreciation for individual strengths.
​The quality of class is most dependent on the coaches who teach them. PTYH Coaches support their students' athletic, social, and emotional growth by providing a secure class structure, clear student expectations, and boundless patience.  Each student is treated as an individual, celebrated for their unique abilities and challenged appropriately. All classes are prepared and coached with care!



​The collaboration between coaches and students continues PTYH's growth. All games, challenges and exercises are open for discussion. Each class is encouraged to develop their own activities, and build on existing ones. The result is an amazing curriculum built by the endless creative power of students!
​PTYH partners with parents to provide the best physical education experience for students. Parents inform coaches about their child’s needs, listen for student feedback outside of class, and asks questions. Positive communication between coaches and parents ensures that every learning opportunity is maximized. Parents’ high standard for education inspires us to provide the best for our students.